DL36 4239-7065 hp


is manufacturing diesel engines since 1912.The company was founded  by a group of Belgian entrepreneurs soon after building the first licensed Rudolf Diesel engine. The company has the reputation of building robust and simple engines, with low fuel and lubricating oil consumption, long lifetime, low maintenance cost and easy accessibility. Our design departments continuously examine possibilities to ameliorate the engine and keep it at the actual level of newly designed engines.

Type DL 36  Midium speed  600-750  rpm,  up  to  5200 kW    injection common rail,  alternative direct mechancil one.
Four stroke,  cylinder buld in line,  
Can run on diesel heavy fuel and bio-fuel. Dual Fuel execution i aslo possible.
Availiable in 6  and  8  cylinders.


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Basic data
4 stroke, single acting
6-8 in line
365 mm
420 mm
Swept volume
6 cylinders: 263,4 liters
8 cylinders: 351,2 liters
Compression ratio
15,5 : 1
Common Rail
(Alternatively: direct, mechanical,one pump per cylinder)
Brake mean effective pressure
23,9 bar (at 750 rpm)
Piston speed
10,5 m/s (at 750 rpm)
Charging system
2 stage chargin